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I practice individual (one-to-one) psychotherapy and counselling in Frome, Somerset (south of Bath 29mins, and Bristol 55mins) helping people address a wide variety of personal issues in a confidential environment. I provide supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

If you are looking for a Counsellor or Psychotherapist, I highly recommend you watch this YouTube film "A former Therapist's critique of Psychotherapy" by Daniel Mackler. I agree with 95% of what he says and it should help you choose a suitable and effective therapist. His film "Former Therapist critiques process of becoming a Psychotherapist" is also very informative.

I would describe my working style as "traditional", in that the biggest influence on my work was from Nicholas Spicer, an Analytical Psychologist,  who received his training analysis from Mary-Loiuse von Franz, a close colleague and companion of Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology. Consequently I do not employ techniques or fit clients into normalising models as modern trainings seem to prescribe. I listen to you. I offer a warm therapeutic relationship based on a passionate dedication to authenticity, integrity, equality and openness. My work goes beyond the mainstream "normalising" psychotherapies, in that I respect your individual uniqueness and help you come into right relationship with your problem or difficulty. If forced to describe my work in psychological terms I would say person-centred embodied depth psychotherapy within a transpersonal perspective.

I have been running a private practice since 1992, not including a three year break. My background includes trainings in Integrative-Psychosynthesis (BACP accredited) and Core-Process Psychotherapy. I have had over twelve years of experience of Analytic Psychology (Jungian analysis) and supervision. For seven years, as part of my training I worked in the Art Therapy Department of a Psychiatric Hospital and have been supervisor to an Inner City Drugs project, the Dementia Care Trust counselling service and a Counselling Training. I was a member of the Committee of the Bristol Psychotherapy Association. I have presented papers at the C.G. Jung Lectures (Bristol) and the Bath Analytic Network. One of my papers was published in the book "Ethically Challenged Professions". 

Particular areas of expertise and experience include working with Mid-life crisis (or any other time crisis) along with the associated issues of loss of meaning or sense of purpose in life, and depression. If you need help changing your life to one more suited to you, rather than the one you find yourself with, then I should be able to help. I have specific success working with early life trauma - emotional (e.g. adoption, parental bereavement) or physical (e.g. peri-natal trauma or early hospitalisation). I have a particular affinity with people who see themselves as Outsiders, Rebels, Misfits, Down-trodden or the Excluded and can help these people feel more at ease with themselves (if not the World). I find that working with dreams, the imagination and the body are useful avenues to deepen the work in addition to psychotherapy's more traditional focus on thinking and feeling.  Additionally, when necessary or requested by clients, I offer a Mindfulness like 2 Question meditation practice that complements and deepens the work.

Hopefully the above information is sufficient for you to consider an intial meeting with me, however for more detailed and some rather technical information, follow this link -

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Gary Tomkins BA Hons., Dip.

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