These are some links to some websites you might want to visit.

The C.G. Jung Public Lectures in Bristol now have their own website with details of forthcoming talks. The talks take place monthly on Saturday mornings and are open to the public. A very civilised tea break splits the lecture form a Question and Answer session.

The Analytic Network in Bath also offer interesting talks. Details are at

Diverse range of free essays and articles inspired by Carl Jung's thinking.

Diverse range of free essays and articles inspired by James Hillman's vision.

Great source for exploring alchemical imagery and philosophy.

Free to public alternative local listings paper offering articles on healthy living, ecology and events in Bristol, Bath and Somerset area.

The National Council of Psychotherapists. An organisation I know little about, but they did ask permission to host my Fallacy of Accreditation article, so they can't be all that bad!

Individual Psychotherapy,
Counselling & Supervision
in Frome and Somerset.

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